Too Many Pictures?

cell photography

Now that nearly everyone has a cell phone, and now that phone cameras have better quality and photos are easily shareable, people are taking more pictures than ever before.

Film cameras made people more cautious with their cameras since they would have to pay to get their film developed. However, now the day you buy a digital camera or phone, there are no additional charges attached to getting film developed because they can be connected (sometimes even wirelessly now) to computers to save there. People may take hundreds of pictures just to get a few good ones, but as long as the memory on their camera or phone is large enough, they can take as many pictures as they want for free.

Some of the many photo apps people use each day

Some of the many photo apps people use each day

As a result, over 350 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook each day. That’s right, 350 million pictures per day! Popular pictures that people post are “selfies” (pictures of themselves that they took themselves), pictures of what they’re eating, pictures of their family/friends, pictures of vacation, and throwback pictures (pictures of them from a long time ago, most commonly posted on Thursdays for “Throwback Thursday”).

Since the invention of digital cameras and cell phones, the blog Good says, “All of a sudden, our relationship to this thing changed dramatically. No longer an art form, and no longer a way to document life events, the photograph became a way to communicate and share experiences. Twenty years ago we took a photograph, had it printed, and kept it safe in an album we brought out once a year. Now we snap a photo, or more likely a dozen, share them online on the spot, and forget about them just as quickly.”


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