Gone are the days when people need to carry both a cell phone and a digital camera. A report from PhotoFocus says that as of November 2013, “smartphones are outselling camera 10 to 1″. Today, smartphones have cameras that rival digital cameras, and they weigh less and people are able to instantly share their photos with friends and family.

Close up photo of a female tourist taking photos of a beautiful beach in The Bahamas with her iPhone 4 camera

An average of 500 million pictures are uploaded to the Internet every day, with even more being taken by smartphone users each day. The easy access that smartphones give allow people to take way more pictures than they used to. While on vacation, and even just in day-to-day life, people are stopping to capture moments to share with friends and family more than ever before.

And while phone cameras have drastically improved over the past few years, an article in the New York Time says:

“Of course, cellphones have their limitations, and it’s important to understand what they do well: landscapes and portraits in good, even light. It is equally important to know what they do less well: any shot with poor or overly contrasted light, and scenes in which there are several light sources. Flash is also rarely satisfying, mostly because it is too weak to richly illuminate a dim scene. It works much better in situations when it is used as fill-in flash, to pop a bit of brightness into faces and eyes.”

Before you head out on vacation this summer, click here to see an infographic from the app Pic-Tap-Go with some tips on how to take the best pictures on your phone!


More Than 500 Million Photos Are Shared Every Day

Snapping Good Photos With Your Phone

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