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What is Creativity?

The dictionary definition of creativity is: noun cre·a·tiv·i·ty \ˌkrē-(ˌ)ā-ˈti-və-tē, ˌkrē-ə-\ : the ability to make new things or think of new ideas However, what is creativity, really? It’s not something tangible. People may say they’re “feeling creative”, but what does that exactly entail? It turns out it’s a science! In a post from, it saysContinue Reading

Carnival GISCS Branding

The division within Carnival Corporate that is responsible for all information security is called GISCS. This team had no brand, no internal identity, but were given a higher set of responsibilities and visibility within the company as the importance of information security has taken prominence in the news. This team approached Artitudes to create aContinue Reading

Apptio Logo Reveal

A few years ago the executives of Apptio, a software company that provides solutions related to the management of IT infrastructures for medium to large enterprises around the world, gathered their employees to review the previous year and provide a clear strategic direction for the future, as well as reveal the new brand to theContinue Reading

The Creative Process

The creative process is a combination of unconnected ideas merging together in a new way. Throughout this process comes brainstorming, finding new perspectives, failure, challenges, comprising, letting go, and in the end, a final product, idea, invention, etc.! “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a littleContinue Reading

Stand Up And Work!

When you walk into our office, you may see some of us have stand up desks! Of course, we also have chairs to sit on every once in awhile, but there’s a good chance you’ll see several of us up on our feet working. Why? It’s not just the standing that is beneficial, the movingContinue Reading