What Can We Do When We’re Sick?


There have been some nasty illnesses going around lately, and we’re not even halfway through winter yet. Many of our employees have been suffering through cold and flu season as well, posing the question: on the days you can’t make it in to work or school and you find yourself miserable and bored at home, what do you do to pass the time? We read some online articles in hopes of discovering good advice for people currently battling illness. Here are several ideas we found:

  • Sleep. Getting plenty of rest is important, especially when sick.
  • Have some quiet time; relax, do yoga, listen to music. Avoid stress, as this can hinder the healing process.
  • Do easy crafts or artsy things, like painting, drawing or origami.
  • Finish home projects, as long as you have the energy for it.
  • Read a book.
  • Look through old photo albums.
  • Take a bubble bath or hot shower; the steam can help with congestion.
  • Pamper yourself; do your nails.
  • Set up camp in the living room (blankets, pillows, drinks, tissues, etc.).
  • Drink tea and plenty of fluids; eat light, healthy snacks if you have the appetite.
  • Watch TV and/or movies.
  • Play computer games, video games, and/or board games.
  • Learn something new.
  • Hang out with your pet(s).
  • Text or call friends; write a letter.
  • Walk or just sit outside; get some fresh air – it can help.
  • Make a to-do list for when you get better.

Our Executive Assistant Carrie was sick for three weeks straight in December. She passed the time by getting plenty of rest and enjoying a Law & Order: SVU marathon on television. “Getting sick was a good reminder that I forgot to get my flu shot this year,” she said, adding, “I’ll never forget again!”

Rian, our Project Manager, cared for his sick children last month, as well. He urges parents, “When kids are sick, especially with the flu, make sure a bowl is ALWAYS within arms’ reach.” Years ago, he heard about a school that remedied chronic student absence by forcing the kids to wash their hands repeatedly during the day. “Not a coincidence,” he said. “Point being: WASH THOSE HANDS!”

Our Social Media Intern Katherine has been sick for over a month with multiple illnesses. She passed the time sleeping, watching TV and playing video games. She said, “I think I got sick because of new nasty bugs, but also because of holiday eating (too many sweets). Lately I’ve been trying really hard to eat better and take those probiotics!”

Sickness can also be a time for philosophical and spiritual contemplation. According to an article by Samuel McCree on tinybuddha.com, being sick can be a learning experience. Our capabilities are limited when we’re sick. Often we start to consider what we could be doing if we were well, reminding us to take the time we’re given more seriously and make every day count. Illness gives us a chance to reflect on the value of good health, the frailty of our bodies, the meaning of our lives and the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Have you been sick lately? What do you like to do when you’re sick?







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