Monthly Archives: April 2016

Carnival GISCS Branding

The division within Carnival Corporate that is responsible for all information security is called GISCS. This team had no brand, no internal identity, but were given a higher set of responsibilities and visibility within the company as the importance of information security has taken prominence in the news. This team approached Artitudes to create a brand system that inspires a feeling of trust and accountability as they begin to roll out numerous security related initiatives across the corporation.


The challenge was that Carnival Corporation is a brand that encompasses nine major cruise lines. This new brand needed to work within not only Carnival but also Holland America, Aida, Costa, and many more.

Our team of design and brand experts interviewed our client and key stakeholders to gain the information necessary to create this brand. In the end we developed a complete brand guide that included a Vision and Mission statement, multiple iterations of the GISCS logo for different situations, email signatures, a color palette and templates for PowerPoint and OneNote.

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