Monthly Archives: March 2016

Apptio Logo Reveal

A few years ago the executives of Apptio, a software company that provides solutions related to the management of IT infrastructures for medium to large enterprises around the world, gathered their employees to review the previous year and provide a clear strategic direction for the future, as well as reveal the new brand to the employees. Artitudes was given the challenge to reveal their new logo, and just as importantly, reveal the core values of the brand that drove the design of the new logo. With words like “deliver visibility”, “gain insight”, “provide transparency”, and “create alignment”, our team created a storyboard for a video revealing the brand values one at a time, building up to the reveal of the logo itself. The audience was extremely pleased with the video and they fell in love with their new brand because of it!

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Apptio logo reveal keynote from Artitudes Design on Vimeo.