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Salmon Days 2015

salmon days

Hey, Fishaquah! Salmon Days is right around the corner – it starts TOMORROW! This year’s theme is #SoFlippinFun, and it is sure to be a fun (and fish) filled weekend! We’re going to highlight a few of the upcoming events as well as leave you with some salmon trivia to share with your friends and family! Let’s get started!

First of all, how will you get there? Even if you live in the Issaquah area, you’re going to want to get as close to the action as possible, so Overlake Medical Clinics is providing shuttles ($3 per person; kids 10 and under ride free).

Once you’re there, there will be a multitude of fishy activities, as well as art, live music, vendors, and a whole lot of fun! To kick off the fun, there will be a parade at 10am tomorrow (Saturday)! It starts at Front & Dogwood and heads North on Front St. where it will take a left onto Gilman Blvd and exit at 12th!

While you’re having a blast at Salmon Days, be sure to catch the center of attention, the salmon, at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery! If you just can’t wait to see the stars of the weekend, there’s even a live webcam on their website!

To check out all the action, here’s a picture of the OFISHAL Salmon Days map:


Salmon Trivia:

  • The distinctive pinkish red color of salmonĀ comes from astaxanthin, which is a beta carotene the fish get from their diets. Flamingos also get their color from this anti-oxidant. And it can be found in tomatoes, peppers and carrots as well.
  • Salmon can travel up to 3500 miles to spawn.
  • Salmon have an average of 2500 eggs, but can have up to 7000.
  • Salmon DO NOT eat while migrating up stream.

Have a great Salmon Days Weekend, Fishaquah!

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