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Seahawks Super Bowl Ring

It was nearly 6 months ago that the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Want to get a close up look at a Super Bowl ring? Artitudes owner Andrea Heuston’s husband works for the Seahawks and brought his into the office for us to look at!


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Though the players received their rings in June, this past Tuesday, “Seahawks staff members and dignitaries” gathered at a ceremony at the “Woodmark Hotel along the Kirkland waterfront” to receive their rings. The ceremony took place “where the team’s original headquarters had been from 1976-85”.

Here are some more details on the ring:

“The white gold Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII championship ring features a three-dimensional Seahawks logo of 64 round diamonds with a vibrant emerald hue tsavorite eye.  The iconic logo is outlined in blue and is framed by 12 diamonds. The Vince Lombardi Trophy, comprised of one marquis diamond, stands in the background amongst a sea of 107 round diamonds with a border reading ‘WORLD CHAMPIONS’.  Forty blue sapphires surround the ring top flanked by two ‘12’ flags.”

Watch a video on how the rings were made by clicking here.

Seahawks training camp practice for next season began on Friday and runs through August 12th! Go Hawks!


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Adam Russell

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