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National Adoption Awareness Month


November is National Adoption Awareness Month. We would like to take a moment to spotlight Artitudes Design’s staff and company involvement in caring for disadvantaged children!

Our CEO and Creative Principal, Andrea Heuston, and her husband Eric became the adoptive parents of both their children after struggling for years with expensive infertility treatments that proved ineffective. Many of Andrea’s family members had been adopted as children, so it seemed only natural for her to do the same. She now says if given the chance, she wouldn’t change a thing: “We were meant to be parents, and they were the kids we were meant to have.” Andrea believes adoption is not only a great way to complete your family, but also a great way to help a child in need.

Our Project Manager Rian Fiske and his wife adopted their first child. Just like any other parent, he and his wife immediately felt the extension of their life’s purpose. He described becoming a parent as an overnight realization that they were now living for someone other than themselves. When asked about the adoption process, he said it was expensive, stressful, difficult, heartbreaking, and totally worth it. He added, “We would do it again – every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.”

Soon after Andrea’s decision to adopt, she discovered Olive Crest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child abuse and neglect by helping disadvantaged and at-risk children find safe foster and adoptive homes, counseling and education throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Moved by her recent experiences witnessing what happens to children without families or proper care, Andrea became an avid patron of the organization and established Artitudes as a business supporter. Ever since, Artitudes has provided design support for Olive Crest’s many fundraising events throughout the year, including their annual gala auction. Andrea has proven her dedication to supporting Olive Crest and now serves as the President of the Board of Trustees.

Are you the foster or adoptive parent of a child, or do you know anyone who is? If so, how has the experience changed your life?


For more information about Olive Crest, check out their website:

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