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There Will Be An App For That!


As of June 2013, 56% of adult Americans have smartphones. Also, as of June 2013, 900,000 apps are available on the Apple App Store. The average smartphone has 41 apps on it. So, that being said, apps are a very common resource these days and creative people around the world have ideas for apps that can change how we live now or in the near future.

Clinkle– Clinkle’s goal is to modernize the way people transact by creating a payment platform that changes the way people pay for things. It will eliminate the need for people to carry all of their credit cards and gift cards around and allows people to pay others through the app. It would be unnecessary to carry a wallet around anymore with this app. Stanford student Lucas Duplan thought of the idea in 2011 and Clinkle hopes to be rolled out to the public within the next year.

OrderUp– Though there are hundreds of apps for food delivery, OrderUp is the latest app that will bring together multiple food delivery vendors into a single application. Best of all, the app is said to even bring food delivery options to people who don’t live in large cities. There is currently an OrderUp website, but the app will make it even easier for users.

Uber– This app is already available and allows users to request a car to pick them up and allows them to pay using their smartphone. Once the user requests a car, they are able to track where the car is until it arrives to pick them up. Though it sounds like a taxi service, it focuses on more luxury, higher-end transportation.

Kevo– This app is also already in the app store! It has users buy a specific motorized deadbolt lock that works with their smartphone. As long as their phone is within 4 feet, users can just tap the deadbolt to unlock their door. In addition, users can send “virtual keys” to people that expire at a certain time in case they need to let someone into their house while they aren’t home.

The days where we will need to carry around a wallet, keys, and a phone are coming to an end. People already are not carrying around separate digital cameras anymore because smartphone cameras are getting better. Soon we’ll be able to do tasks that we used to do by hand, then by computer, all with our phones because of developers who have thought of unique and creative ways to integrate daily activities into apps that will help in many aspects of our lives.


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