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17 Countries in 19 Months

Machu Pichu, Peru

Jessica Mans, a graphic designer at Artitudes Design, recently went on an adventure to South America with traveling partners, Kobus and Jared.

Their route

They started their journey in Seattle and drove through Mexico and Central America. They continued down the west coast of South America to Argentina and Chile and back up north on the East coast to Brazil. They also spent some time in Antarctica!


Some fast facts about their trip:

  • Toured 17 countries in 19 months.
  • Drove 35,500 miles and burned 1,900 gallons of gas in their 4Runner.
  • Spent more than 350 days tent camping in 190 different locations.
  • Took 13,000 photos, published 2 books, and wrote 300 blog posts.


Jessica said that while they traveled, they “camped, cooked, explored, worked (although not very much). We were driving, and spent most our day in campgrounds. But we still had plenty of time to explore towns and wilderness. We also continued to work about 20 hours a week throughout the trip, just to help offset the costs of travel.”


Through their travels, they had the opportunity to experience tons of different foods. Her favorite food while out on the road were the Chilaquiles they ate while in Mexico. They are “tortilla chips covered in a spicy enchilada sauce, with a little bit of queso fresco, and a fried egg” and they are what Jessica described as the “best breakfast on the planet.”

The most interesting food was “cuy” otherwise known as guinea pig. She said, “They look like cute fluffy pets, but put one in an oven then flash fry it and it’s delicious (Just as long as they take the head off. That was disturbing!)”


Jessica said that her favorite memory of the trip was, “Taking a cruise to Antarctica for certain. Because we just happened to be passing by the city at the end of the world, we were able to score last minute deals for the ship. Still a crazy price to pay, but worth every penny. Not to mention it was all you can eat with an open bar. But, really, Antarctica is not the flat white boring continent you’d expect. It’s full of wildlife, humpback and killer whales, seals, albatross, and millions of adorable, yet very smelly penguins. And the peninsula is also a huge mountain range. We spent days just exploring icebergs and glaciers. Unforgettable.”

To see more pictures of their trip, read their blog posts, and more, visit their website, There are great reviews of the places they visited. To see larger images of any of the pictures in this post, click the picture.

life remotely

Sources: interview with Jessica,, Life Remotely press kit

Picture Source: Life Remotely press kit

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