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artEAST Auction Pieces



Steve- The Master of GO

Steve hadn’t painted in over 25 years since college when he took an art class. “I was kind of scared to paint. I mostly did graphic design not paint.” Besides studying graphic design, he had also studied Japanese. Steve’s painting is of the last move in a game of GO from Kawabata’s short story The Master of Go. The short story is written by a Japanese reporter who covered the story of the famous GO game between an elderly GO master and a young up-and-coming player. In Japan, it was of the highest honor to be a GO master.  The master having lost to the younger player, died shortly afterward.  Steve chose to paint the final move the younger man’s play to defeat the master. “The move he chose was depicted as cowardly, but it was still a legal move.”


Robin- Aztecan Ouroboros

An Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It signifies eternal return or re-creation, the recycling of its own life. It took Robin a weekend to paint the piece using an oil paint kit her mom gave her. She hadn’t painted in over 12 years. “I’m glad Steve asked me to do this. It was good to get back into painting and it’s for a good cause.”  Robin had read a story about the Ouroboros and was inspired to paint an Aztec version of the serpent as a challenge to herself. She wanted to step outside her comfort zone and not just paint something safe, like “a portrait of someone or an animal.” Robin was inspired by a goal she set for herself. “My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to create art every weekend. There’s a tiny canvas that came inside the kit. Now that I finally used the paints, I think I’m going to stick with it.”




 Kate- Bad Boy

Kate hadn’t touched her oil paints in over 15 years. “It was nice to paint again,” she said. The painting depicts the silhouette of Kate’s cat, Bad Boy. She chose to paint her cat because people enjoyed pictures of animals and “people like cats.”  Kate wanted to capture the featureless figure of Bad Boy and also draw in the viewer’s focus onto his bright yellow eyes, which she described as “vicious and hateful.” Bad Boy looks like a naughty kitty, for sure!

Amy- Puddles

Amy was born in Colorado but lived in Seattle for close to 20 years. She loves the rain and as a child would always put on rain boots and jump in puddles when it was raining. In Colorado, her favorite events over the summertime would be the daily thunderstorms that occurred at 2pm. Her painting depicts the nostalgic feel and moment of when she would jump in the rain as a child to escape her worries. “I like being a child at heart. I think that sometimes it’s good for adults to be child-like.”


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