Monthly Archives: February 2011

Welcome to the Art of Wow!

Have you ever wondered who is the “Alfred to your Batman”, “The Watson to your Sherlock Holmes”, or the “Ginger Rogers to your Fred Astaire”? For our clients, we are their Alfred, and I get the privilege of telling stories about how this dynamic relationship works between us. The Art of Wow is all about how we build the WOW from their unique stories, which helps them become more memorable with their audience.  I am the “voice” of The Art of WOW. Through our experiences and our clients’ stories, I will bring to life some of the most creative, powerful, and fun design solutions and techniques that help our clients become “just a bit more memorable” each time they present or finish that key communication.

What makes this easy and fun for me and you is Artitudes’ desire to be in complete step with our client’s visual messaging strategy from conception to the final communication.  By being a “design partner” with our clients, our focus is to “always make them look good” and deliver that WOW impact every time.  At Artitudes, we do this by giving them relevant, timely, insightful, and useful information about graphic design, specifically in regards to executive level communications. We will also cover such leading edge and exciting topics as motion graphics, content strategy, executive coaching, and branding as it relates to communications.  If you ever have a comment or idea you want me to talk about, I hope you will ask and engage with me – it will be fun to bring your comments and questions to life!

I have been working in the design industry for over 35 years. I majored in printmaking in college and I still love the smell of printer’s ink. My first job was as a PMT [Photomechanical Transfer or “Stat”] camera operator at a Portland, OR department store. From there I was transferred to Seattle where I began my design career in earnest. At that time layouts and concepts were drawn by hand and I still look back fondly on the wealth of talent I met in those early years in advertising.

With the advent of the desktop computer I quickly became a fan and advocate of the Macintosh operating system and the design tools available with the new machines. While the typesetting and layout functionality were limited, the possibilities seemed endless.

At Artitudes I am privileged to be creating solutions for our clients that leverage these software technologies and enjoying those endless possibilities they offer today’s graphic designer.

I hope to share some of my excitement and interest here in this blog.

Have fun!


Steve Ahlbom
Associate Creative Director
Artitudes Design Inc.